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Warm Water? The Race is Near!
Musselfans,  Yes, it snowed here last week in the northeast, but the ice is finally out of Seneca Lake and it’s starting to get warmer.  When we say warmer, we mean the water temp is about 38 degrees F. As Team Score This!!! circumnavigated her beauty two Sunday's ago during the Seneca 7 we thought, WOW!!!,  we are glad we aren’t swimming in that right...
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Winner winner possible chicken dinner
Ladies and Gents of Musselman, Seneca Lake is frozen, but thawing.  The streets are dirty, but the rain with wash that away.  The grass is brown and now you have to pick up an entire winters worth of your dogs fecal matter, especially if you live in the Northeast.  FYI, the last part is all up to you, but we are experts in timing and can arrange a crew to time you if you...
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Candy, Sugar Coma, Eggs and more...
Mussel Friends, As you sit back and think about what has just taken place this past Friday with smashed pumpkins, apple bobbing, 6000 calories of candy eaten, and eggs all over your neighbor’s house, please don’t forget to recover from your sugar induced coma by November 15 th .  Why you ask?  This is the day you have been waiting for.  It is the day where you...
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