6 Reasons to "Tri"

1) For Bragging Rights

2) To Meet New People

3) To Expand Your Comfort Zone

4) For The Variety

5) To Surprise Yourself

6) To Be A Role Model 


Ever consider a triathlon?


We have 2 of the most beginner friendly races for anyone wishing to extend their fitness and fun.

Each of these races feature shorter distances as well as a Run-Bike-Run option for those not quite ready to take the plunge.


Swimming got you thinking?  Both the Summer Sizzler short triathlon and our Tri in the Buff Try-A-Tri swims are in shallow water.  Just stand up! Plus there are lots of lifeguards on kayaks to keep you safe.

Or, opt to skip the swim and "Do the Du".  The duathlon is a Run-Bike-Run offered at all our events.

What about that bike?

True, there will be those type "A" personalities that will have expensive bikes.  If that's you, great.

But if you already have a bike, you're set! City bikes, mountain bikes,  we've seen them all! (Well, maybe not a banana seat bike.)

Don't have one?  You can rent one or borrow one. You don't need to spend a lot of money.

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