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4 tips for Musselman

Courtesy of Mary Eggers

It’s officially Musselman week around here in Westen New York! It’s the 10th anniversary of this jewel of a race held right here in Geneva, and I am honored to be one of the 10 year participants. In 2004 I was lucky enough to win the first one (glory days) and it’s quickly become my favorite race of the season. I alternate between the Mussel, the Mini, heck I have even done the aquabike. This year I waffled between the 1/2 and the Mini and ultimately decided on the mini to allow me the ability to continue my build towards Ironman Mont Tremblant. While I won’t be truly rested on Saturday….. I am prepared for some wicked fun.

To help you prepare for the weekend’s festivities…. here are my 4 Musselman Tips!

1. Know what’s happening when: As a race announcer (not the Musselman race announcer though) I see too many athletes have no idea what is happening on race day. This is a source of anxiety and energy sucker! With the internet so available these days there is no reason not to know what happens when. Click here and find all of the links to all of the information you need!

2. Be prepared for heat: The weather in WNY is unpredictable at best. While the forecast is calling for 76-80 degrees, plan on it being hot. But don’t let heat get to your head. You’ve been training the past few weeks right? Then you’ve been training in the heat. Make sure you have a good fueling and hydration plan (shoot me an email at info at maryeggers dot com if you need some help!). Make sure you have salt tablets (not the ones with 40 mg of salt either). Also be prepared to deal with heat on the outside. Towards the end of the bike and every chance you have on the run, douse yourself with water. In your helmet, down your top, everywhere. That will help with adjusting to the blanket of heat that seems to envelop us as we make the transition from bike to run.

3. Strong mind, strong body: Like I said above, don’t let the heat get in your head. Even if you have to lie to yourself all week… you are GREAT in the heat. Take a page from Jens Voight… have confidence beyond your abilities. Fake it till you make it. All week just give it a try…. be positive and on race day build a force field of positivity around yourself. The enemy to all of it is that one little seed of doubt. Don’t let it in.

4. Soak up the energy and the people of Genva! One of the best things about this race are the people you will encounter. From packet pickup to the drummer in the tunnel, to a random family out with their garden hose…. the people of Geneva are awesome. They want you here, they are grateful you are coming and take the energy they give to you. You might even see a horse a buggy out there on the course!

Bottom line…. this event is simply incredible. I will be out on the Musselman run course via mountain bike cheering you on. I have a pink Rudy Project wingspan helmet, and I will likely just wear my race kit, so make sure you say HI!

It’s Musselman week! WOOOO HOO!


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