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2019 Age Group and High School State Championships - Strassburg Sock Keuka Lake Triathlon

2019 Age Group and High School State Championships

The 2019 Strassburg Sock Keuka Lake Triathlon has been selected as the USA Triathlon Age Group and the High School New York State Championships.  

What does that mean for you?

The 2019 State Championship races occurring prior to August 1, 2019 qualify the top 25 percent or top five (whichever is greater) competitors per their respective age groups for the 2019 Olympic-Distance Age Group National Championships in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 10. Any State Championship occurring after August 1, 2019, will qualify the top 25 percent or top five (whichever is greater) competitors per their respective age groups for the 2020 Olympic-Distance Age Group National Championships.  We are prior to August 1st so this years event would be applied towards the 2019 race in Cleveland.

All athletes must be at least 17 years old by Dec. 31, 2019, to qualify for Olympic Distance National Championships.

High School Championship

The 2015-2016 academic year was the inaugural year of the high school program and official announcement can be found here. We continue to grow through the high school clubs, state championships, and national championships. Please email for more information and guidelines for participation in the high school program.

Once we have updated details from USA Triathlon we will forward them and place them on our race website. Also please keep in mind that once you register for the sprint distance triathlon and selected your current high school grade level you have entered the high school championship race. It's that easy.

More details about the program:

Strassburg Sock - The Start

People who suffer with heel pain don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

Well, I found out that I wasn’t alone, studies show that one in every eight people with more than 3 million new people each year suffer with this problem. Although not always disabling, it does cause severe discomfort, which can effect your daily activities. After receiving treatment from two doctors and a couple of steroid shots in my heel, I decided I needed a way to eliminate those first painful morning steps and get on with my life. And as many others have found, I just couldn’t stand to wear that uncomfortable night splint boot my doctor had prescribed. I thought if I could just find a more comfortable way to hold my foot in a certain position maybe it wouldn’t hurt so bad when I got out of bed in the morning.

Using a tube sock, a piece of material, and my wife’s sewing machine, late one night I devised a crude device to hold my foot in position while sleeping. The next morning I felt a significant reduction of pain as I took those first steps out of bed. After a couple more nights wearing my “brainstorm”, the pain had almost disappeared. Not knowing how it worked just that it did, I contacted a friend who was a physical therapist and together we worked out the details and applied for a patent. Two years later we received a US patent and FDA approval for the sale of the Strassburg SockTM.

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Score This!!! Multisport Series

The Score This!!! Multisport Series is a rewards program for our loyal athletes. 

Register for 4 events or more, either all at once or one at a time, and you are eligible to attend the Score This!!! end-of-year banquet at no charge. Guests are welcome to attend for $15. This includes 1 drink, the meal, and endless triathlon stories from the season. 

Additionally, when you complete at least 4 Score This!!! races in a single category, you'll be eligible for series honors - a little friendly competition over the course of the season. Awards for best athlete will be presented at the banquet in November.

Find out more:

See you at the lake,
Score This!!!


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