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2015 updates..........

The multisport season has come to an end.  The Halloween candy is lingering.  You are debating on a rest month, but worried about the 5lbs of candy you just ate over the past 2 weeks.  We know! We know!!  We have the same things to think about!!!  Many new things have been going on since we last spoke with one another. We have a new blog on our website.  We post to it a few times a week.  Sometimes there are stories from incredible athletes that we know. Sometimes they are experiences from the crew. Sometimes experiences they are from the past.  Take a moment and check it out for some leisure reading.  Hopefully it won’t disappoint you.  Do you have an athletic story that you would like to share?  Reply to this email and we can let you know more about what we are looking for.

LOCKPORT Y10 – 2/14/15

Yes, it’s on Valentine’s Day.  What a great way to celebrate with the one you love.   No one said you had to run side by side with them.  FYI, online registration has opened for the 2014 Lockport Y10.  We do have something new for 2015.  The Y5 will start at the halfway point of the Y10 so that all competitors can finish with the same glory as the Y10 athletes right in front of the YMCA underneath the large black inflatable finish line.  Don’t forget that there is also an opt in for the race swag.  Don’t want the swag, then you pay less for the fun.

Register today for WNY’s Toughest Road Race:

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Are you looking for a training group to motivate you are complete that long race you have been thinking about for a while now.  Check this out from Score This!!! Kellie in conjunction with the Lockport Athletic and Fitness Club.


Have you heard the news.  The 2015 Fly by Night Duathlon and the Musselman Triathlon Festival is now part of the Score This!!! Multisport Series.  That brings the total racing opportunities up to 11.  How do you figure 11.  Nine events and the Musselman Festival has the option to race Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Yes we are including the microMussel in this.  We would never leave out the big wheels and big green machines!!!  Check out all of the race here:

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Musselman Twitter: @musselmantri


This is the first Musselman newsletter that Rich wrote.  Subscribe to the Musselman newsletter by sending a blank email to

Sent: November 02, 2014 12:44 PM
Subject: [MUSSEL] Candy, Sugar Coma, Eggs and more...

Mussel Friends,

As you sit back and think about what has just taken place this past Friday with smashed pumpkins, apple bobbing, 6000 calories of candy eaten, and eggs all over your neighbor’s house, please don’t forget to recover from your sugar induced coma by November 15th.  Why you ask?  This is the day you have been waiting for.  It is the day where you are able to sign up for the Musselman Family Reunion that takes place July 10th-July 12th in beautiful Geneva, NY. The opportunity to join in the MusselKids, MicroMussel, miniMussel and Musselman fun!!!

Many of you already know that Jeff Henderson, race dictator, is stepping down from his position as of November 1st and has thrown Richard Clark and Bob Giardini in as the race dictators #2.  Rich said that there will be some large shoes to fill especially since Rich only wears a size 7.5 and Jeff wears a size 11.5.  Running a 5K in them would be tough let alone a 3 day triathlon festival.  If you are not familiar with Rich and Bob they are part of the timing company that has been with the Musselman weekend since its inception.  They also help produce and race direct other event in New York State such as the Finger Lakes Triathlon, PAIN in the Alleganies, and the Keuka Lake Triathlon to name a few.  If you would like to learn more about them…..

Where in the world is your mussel?  Check to see where all of the mussels have been and update us with your mussel adventures.  We know some have been seen on the Musselman run and bike courses.  One even snuck into the transition at PAIN in the Alleganies.  Jeff even made his ride around some lake overseas.  Maybe it was a sea. Either way please keep your mussel babies out of the water.  We don’t need to have any other invasive species in any other water ways.  We did notice for some reason the mussel babies seems to be avoiding Russia, Iceland and Greenland.  Hmmmmm………

Did you know that we are now going to require all Aquabike finishers to run?  Yes, you read that right.  You will now need to leave T2 and arrive at the finish line with all of the glory of the Musselman finishers.  Your official finish time will stop when you cross over the orangey red finish line mats under the finish line arch.  The only other new requirement is we ask that you avoid puking on the timing mats as you cross over them because someone needs to clean that up!!!   

Musselman races have been added to the Score This!!! Multisport Series.  Athletes can earn points at nine events towards series awards in several different distance categories: Duathlon, Sprint, Intermediate, Aquabike, U19, and Paratriathlon. Four race finishes qualify you to be eligible for a series award, but also gets you and a friend, family member or an enemy to be invited to the Score This!!! Multisport Series Appreciation Banquet for FREE.  More info…..

Did you know that Red Jacket Orchards started with the Musselman in 2004?  Their juices and fruits are just awesome.  Please give them a like on Facebook or a follow on Twitter.  Let them know how much you enjoy their delicious products post-race.  Post a short comment about their products using the hashtag #musselmantri. Let’s make it trend!!!  or @redjacketny

Located in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York State along the rolling hills of Seneca Lake, Red Jacket was originally planted in 1917.  Today, the orchard and juice company is managed by the second and third generation of the Nicholson family. Starting with Joe and Emily Nicholson, Sr. in 1958, they have spent over 50 years mastering the art and science of quality fresh fruit and juice production.

We are now only 21,600,000 seconds or 360,000 minutes or 6000 hours or 250 days away from triathlon nirvana.

kinds regards,
Richard Clark
race dictator #2


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