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Camp Kenan Triathlon aka The Fall Freeze

This is from the November 2000 Buffalo Triathlon Club Newsletter.  Richard Clark wrote this post race directing his first triathlon evetn which then went on to be come the Danforth BTC Fall Frolic.  Yes he aslo raced in it too.  He doesn't do that any more though except this one time at Tri Dunkirk.


BTC FALL TRI FESTIVAL: Editor’s Note: Ever desire to wear those funky hair colors but only for a
couple of minutes? Well, here’s a glimpse into Richard Clark’s melon, with his stream-of-consciousness account of the. Steam lined by Glenn Speller

Camp Kenan Triathlon. Edited for an “R” rating.

October 7th, 2000 which should go down in the minutes as “The Fall Freeze.” It all started when I arrived sick and only 2 hours late at Camp Kenan. Fortunately, Jeff Tracey and Amy F. weren’t that mad at me. Maybe they knew that I’d be swimming later, so they’d have their revenge. After arriving, Jeff, Amy, and I, set up the course and found that the run was easy, but the bike and swim were going to be another story. Two weeks earlier, we’d measured out a course, but today a bridge was missing. So, in the true spirit of improvise, adapt and overcome, we decided that with our small number of athletes (15 racers), we could just do two laps of the portion of the bike course that was still in tact, and work around the bridge. What a stupid idea! But it was not to be my last of the day, I assure you. We’re really starting to get the transition area thing down though. I’ve never set up racks so quickly: thanks Warren Elvers. You just drop them on the ground and you’re good to go. Boy, are they nice. I hope he builds some more of them. Not only did they hold the bikes in a 40mph wind, but they made great firewood during the cold night to follow. Buoy inflation was easy too, thanks to Bill Seyler who designed a contraption with his Shopvac that allowed us to inflate and deflate all five in 45 minutes. No more blowing yourself purple (it clashed too much with my hair). But then why were we inflating buoys, the lake had two to three foot swells? I figured that it was fairly cold too seeing as how the air temperature was around 43 degrees. What are we stupid? If we are, it just got worse. Hi Glenn. Are you seriously going to ride in your wet, freezing, BTC hot pants in a 40mph wind on a 40 degree day? We’re going to need to change inside so we won’t get hypothermia from the wind on wet skin, and so all our stuff doesn’t blow away. A transition shack is procured so we all go commando under their wetsuits. Wups, Joanne York-Rapple’s going to need her own shack, this isn’t Europe. O.K. boys and girls, let’s review the course. We start by going to the finish of the swim and placing one buoy at the water’s edge. Aim for this on your way in, if you can see it over the surf. Whose bright idea was it to swim in Lake Ontario? Oh yeah, mine. What an idiot! But you elected me president. After lots of whining and complaining, several of us are seated on the break wall with our feet in the water. A wetsuit can keep you warm in a number of ways: one involves reversing some childhood conditioning. But here comes John Pepke without a wetsuit. He’s never worn one and never will. Right now, I’m glad I’m not him. Chris Ankrum yells from shore, “Let’s make this a Duathlon,” and he hadn’t even stuck his foot in the water yet. Curt Eggers, Glenn Speller and I are sitting on the break wall together. Listening to people like Curt and Glenn about doing something not especially comfortable isn’t a good idea. One of them yelled, “Blow the whistle!” and someone on shore was dumb enough to listen. The whistle sounded and we were off with the start of the 1st annual Buffalo Triathlon Club - Fall Freeze. As I’m swimming, my face hurts from the water temp and I’m thinking, “What a bunch of psychos.” Curt has no sleeves. John Pepke is basically nude. Adam, one of the camp counselors, or should I say counselees, is doing his first tri. Oh yeah, Warren I was joking about the bike racks being used for
firewood. Wow, because my face and feet are so numb, I really don’t think too much about sprinting the
entire swim, so it isn’t too bad. The end is near. Where is everyone? Here comes the shore. These stones really hurt my feet. Why can’t I walk straight? This is like Nice with all of these smooth stones. Wow that was really cold. John Pepke says he has no feeling from the knees down. Run to the transition shack. Change. Everyone is talking. This is different. No one is trying to kill each other. As I’m changing I realize how cold the water really was, if you know what I mean!  Then Chris Ankrum runs in the back door of the of the transition shack. Off to the bike. I can’t believe I’m going 28mph. The wind has to be at our backs. Turnaround. 16mph. This is going to suck. Lap two. Ah, 25mph. This is nice. Turnaround. This sucks more!! 14mph, now, only 11mph. I can’t wait to get off of this thing. Time to run. Dismount. Rack it. These are really nice racks. Time to run. Ouch. Where did these cramps come from? Oh yeah, I was having so much fun going 10mph into the wind that I forgot to drink on the bike. Where’s that first mile marker? I know I sprayed it on the road. Crap, here comes my teammate Eric Butler for the relay. Eric was smart he didn’t swim. Wow, Glenn looks like a running JogMate add, and he’s still kicking my #$@. Here comes Curt and he was on a mountain bike and he’s still way ahead of me. What a genetic freak! There’s Bill Seyler. There is no way he’s getting away: if I run hard I can catch him. There is the run turnaround. Cool, Jack Gorski brought some water. I hope nobody catches my cold from the water bottle, although if they survived the swim my germs are nothing. Then I start to think that I’m drinking everyone else’s slobber who was made the turn around before me. Put it out of your mind. Run, run. Who is that? Quinn and Melissa are running for Gregg Drumm. One half a mile to go. I hope Bill is suffering like I am. He has to know I’m chasing him. Through the woods one last time towards the finish. I’m done. Why is Bill laying on the ground? He looks tired. He did a 5k earlier this morning. Wow. I don’t feel well. Here it comes. Blahhhhhh. Not once, but five times. That is going to make a good picture. He comes Joanne. Karl K, Adam finished his first tri, and then Mike. Despite what you might think, it was really fun. Anyone for a Winter Quadrathlon? Richard Clark


Approximeatly 10 years later Rich discovered that Bill actually never even swam and walked the shore.  He then hopped into the race where he felt he was of been if he actually did the swim


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