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Commercials, Cheese, and Limerick Contest

Mussel Friends,

The largest sporting event in the USA, compared to the Musselman Triathlon weekend, has come and gone.  We know many of you had lots to eat and drink again. It’s OK because we need an extra layer this winter in the northeast because it has been cold and the ice on the lake is thick. Otherwise, we are hoping that everyone saw the 30 second commercial that we aired just at the start of the game.  We thought that this year we would have volunteers throw big red rubber dodge balls at you while you are on the swim and run course.  If you aren’t sure what were are talking about search #toughdodger.  OK, we fess up.  It wasn’t really our commercial, but we do have some exciting news for 2015.  Cheese, cheese, and limericks for prizes!!!


We would like to welcome our newest partner for 2015 – the Muranda Cheese Company, out of Waterloo. Muranda Cheese Company features the finest in Colby, British Raw Milk Cheddar, Blue, and Red Buddy, as well as 10 other varieties not commonly found in the Finger Lakes, produced from Holsteins farmed by the Murray family. They invite you to visit their tasting room, and rumor has it some of that tasting room will visit your goody bags.  If you like cheese you are really going to like what we have in store for you.  Please give their Facebook page a like and post #ILikeCheese so they know the devoted athletes of Musselman like local partners and cheese.


Did you see that the Fly by Night Du was mention in USA Triathlon Life as one of the top 13 must do races.  We did and we are super excited.  Where else can you ride your bike into a downhill banked corner in a full areo tuck at 45mph?  For our Candian MusselFriends that is 72 km per hour.  You say you don’t want to do the run bike run bike run by yourself because there are too many runs and bikes, well we get that.  Go find a friend or enemy and particpate as a team of two.  You do not want to miss this race in 2015.

Musselman has once again teamed up with Endurance Factor to be the official endurance sports coaching service of Musselman. Endurance Factor offers a variety of services that will help every level of endurance athlete achieve their goals. From one-on-one coaching, training plans, VO2 and lactate threshold testing.  They can do it all.  Please check out what they are offering to all Musselman athletes here:

The 'good for you soaps'. They have it all, from balms to bath bombs, old fashioned shaving kits, and they deliver! Rich has personally beta tested some Twisted Eczema Balm and his hands have cleared up.  He whole heartedly believes in this product.  It gets even better than this.  Overall winners of the miniMussel and Musselman will receive custom baskets filled with Twisted Tree products.  They are going to even include some new products that they will feature at the Musselman expo on Friday and Saturday. We are hoping that when you see these baskets you are going to say whoa.  If you decide that you want to try their products Twisted Tree has offered all past, present and future Musselman athletes a 10% discount code.  Please use SCORESOAP in all caps at checkout  for a 10% discount on all items.


We saved the best part for last.  Hopefully you read this far and haven’t started drooling on your pillow as your phone slides out of your hand and bounces off of the floor.  We are offering our first contest for the 2015 Musselman Triathlon Festival. The winners, yes you read that right, will be selected based on the limerick that captures the essence of the Musselman.  What do you need to do?  That’s easy. Create a limerick.  What’s a limerick you ask? A limerick, besides a city in Ireland, is a humorous, frequently bawdy, verse of three long and two short lines rhyming aabba, popularized by Edward Lear. Here is an example:

by Kaitlyn Guenther

There once was a wonderful star
Who thought she would go very far
Until she fell down
And looked like a clown
She knew she would never go far.

Do you need more help on how to create a limerick?  Check out this helpful page:

Oh yeah, the winners (3 of you) will receive a gift certificate from Rudy Project valued at $249.  Please email all entries to info at musselmantri dot com with the subject Musselman Limerick Contest.  The last day to enter is March 17th at 11:59.59pm. The winners will be selected by March 20th . Wait a minute!!!  I didn’t enter the race for 2015 yet?  So what.  Send us your entry for a chance to win.

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Twitter: @musselmantri


We are now only 13,582,180 seconds or 226369 minutes or 3772 hours or 157 days away from triathlon nirvana.

kinds regards,
Richard Clark
race dictator 2.0


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