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MusselNews Part 2

We started this back in 2017.  Every year we try to find a shirt color everyone likes.  Every year we get suggestions on the color that we should have use for our design.  One year we had a suggestion on which colors to use for the next 5 years based on an athletes skin tone.  While we loved the suggestions we also need it be more practical.  We could not decide which shirt color we liked for 2019 design so are leaving it up to you.  You choose your shirt color during the registration process from the colors that we are offering.  If you are looking for a specific color make sure you register earlier before supplies run out. It’s up to you to make the right choice!!!

CRAPPY CONTEST                                                                                                                     
We will be announcing a crappy contest in the near future.  If you have attended the prerace safety briefing you might be able to figure this one out.  When you register for the 2019 race please make sure you select your club name because we will be using those for this crappy contest.

Since the inception of Musselman we have always tried to give back as much to the community as possible.  The Boys & Girls Club changes lives daily. Children from bilingual homes are taught to read and inadvertently fall in love with reading. Students who lacked the motivation to complete homework assignments are convinced that studying is "cool" and become honor students. As an event with the potential to become nationally recognized and internationally attended, the Musselman seeks to focus public attention on these positive changes and to use event proceeds to support and expand programming opportunities.  Since 2004 the Musselman has donated over $150,000 to the Boys & Girls Club of Geneva.  What does that actually mean?  Depending on the use of the funds it could mean the purchase of 27,500 children’s books, or 11952 soccer balls, or 2800 horseback riding lessons, or 1529 pairs of running sneakers, or 700 youth bicycles.  The support you have given to the Musselman Community has been a gift to cover all seasons. We say, THANK YOU!!!


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