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Score This!!! Multisport Series Banquet

Date: 2019
Location: Sunday, November 10
Time: 2-4pm
Type: Athlete Appreciation Dinner
Location: Flying Bison Brewing Compnay - 840 Seneca St. Buffalo, NY 14210
Email: Communications regarding series will be sent via email

Be a part of the Score This!!! Multisport Series 

The Score This!!! Multisport Series is a rewards program for our loyal athletes. 

Register for 4 events or more, either all at once or one at a time, and you are eligible to attend the Score This!!! end-of-year banquet at no charge. Guests are welcome to attend for $15. This includes 1 drink, the meal, and endless triathlon stories from the season. 

Additionally, when you complete at least 4 Score This!!! races in a single category, you'll be eligible for series honors - a little friendly competition over the course of the season. Awards for best athlete will be presented at the banquet in November.


Scoring Categories

  • Intermediate - Top 3 - Overall and Age Group (M/F)
  • Sprint  - Top 3  - Overall and Age Group (M/F)
  • Aquabike Series - Top 3 - Overall (M/F)
  • Duathlon Series - Top 10 - Overall (M/F)
  • U19 Series - Top 5 - Overall (M/F) (Sprint distances only)
  • Athena/Clydesdale in Intermediate and Sprint - Top 3 - Overall (M/F)


Scoring Rules

  • Points will be awarded, for each event, by the race categories above. 
  • Points can not be shared across race categories. 

Example: If you complete 2 sprints and 2 intermediate, you will be invited to the banquet, but you do not qualify for awards since you don't have 4 events in a single race category.

  • Participate in more than 4 races in a single category and the 4 highest scores will be counted towards the series standings. 
  • If you complete 4 races each in 2 different categories (4 sprint, 4 intermediate), you will be in the standings for both series.
  • Summer Sizzler F1 will be counted in the intermediate series. 
  • Musselman will count for the intermediate series
  • A Tri in the Buff Try a Tri will be scored out of 500 points


Points Calculation

Each race will start with a base maximum points of 1000 with the following exceptions:

  • The maximum amount of points will be rounded up to the next 100 for races with greater than 1000 participants 
    • For each race: Max Points / race registrations
    • No rounding of points for 2016


  • 500 person race: 1000 points/500 registered = 2pt spread per place 
    • 1st 1000pts
    • 2nd 998pts
    • 3rd 996pts and so on....
  • 250 person race: 1000 points /250 registered =4pt spread per place
    • 1st 1000pts
    • 2nd 996pts
    • 3rd 992pts and so on...